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December 10th, 4:11am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I think I saw Julia or Becky do this so I did too!
The first line of the first entry of my journal for 2005.

Jan-I'm up working right now but I am sooo tired.

Feb-First let me get this out of the way...
my computer and/or internet service is being wonky and randomly shutting down my whole system... like all the time.

March-I forgot to do my truths yesterday!

April-My Dad got his results back from the biopsy (I'm not sure if I talked about that here) and he does have Basil Cell Cancer on his forehead.

May-I saw this in Julia's journal from MONTHS ago! And stole it and did it and the picture was so cute! Aw.

June-Man I've been sucking at updating

July-It's so weird to look over old journal entries.

August-This is Annie.

September-I hate feeling the need to explain myself but at the same time I think it's owed to some people so here goes.

October-I haven't updated here in so long.

November-Oh my God, the last 30 minutes just went by so freaking fast

December-How do I even begin to describe last night?

my paid account is gone, I miss the icons :( But I still have my AJ fave.

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Frosty [Thursday
December 8th, 11:59pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

How do I even begin to describe last night?
So I went to Frosty the Show-man which is this local radio station's holiday concert. It was at Phillips Arena which is huge, it's where all the big acts come when they come to Atlanta. Anyway I wasn't planning to go because I'm dead broke right now... but Betsy was pretty convincing. She had kick ass seats, 4th row, and needed someone to go with her. Tada! I live in Atlanta so I'm a natural choice. Then Michelle pitched a fit because she wanted to go too so I hop on Ticketmaster and get her a ticket, plus $20.00 for parking! I think I ended up spending like $85-90 for something I wasn't planning to go to! haha but it was well worth it. Oh man getting to the arena was an adventure. I have a terrible sense of direction and was on the phone with poor Betsy was standing under the giant Atlanta sign waiting for us. Sigh, she probably froze. Thanks for waiting! Then we got Michelle's tickets at will call and headed in.

The acts that were scheduled were The Pussycat Dolls, Backstreet Boys and Will Smith. They had 2 minor opening acts, Marcos Hernandez and Relient K. Rhianna was the pre-show across the street in Centennial Park which I only heard in passing when I was lost but then she did come out to introduce one of the opening acts and sang like a tiny bit of "All I Want For Christmas".

The part where I think Betsy, me and definitely the girl behind us all freaked out was when JC came out and introduced the Pussycat Dolls. It was a "surprise guest" type thing but we'd heard rumors he'd be there so for us it more like a wish come true. LOL!
pictures under hereCollapse )I hope Betsy got some really good shots. We were so close she must have!
AJ looked so cute in a little newsboy hat and a white shirt that just made him glow in the lighting. Sigh, I love him. Brian was hilarious, as usual. He just made lots of funny faces and acted out words to the songs. He spent a lot of time on our side of the stage. So did Nick, who was looking damn hot. I love his new hair cut. His guitar strap said HELGA, what's that about? It was a 6 song set, laid back for the most part, sort of a mini Never Gone show. OH and AJ stuck his tongue out... I don't know if it was for a long time or if it just stopped time in my mind... but he wiggled it and I think I died. Perfect.

Will Smith was the headliner and arrived from the back of the arena on a sleigh. It was pretty awesome actually. It's been so long since I've been to show that had pyro and gimicks like that so it was a fun teeny moment.
Footage of Will's entrance and Switch
He was awesome, and DJ Jazzy Jeff was there too! The whole audience sang along to the Fresh Prince theme. He looked good, he doesn't age, I swear.

Well I'm sure I have a lot more to say but my fingers are tired of typing! Love everyone <3 I'm in a good mood. haha.

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Photobucket [Friday
June 24th, 3:48am]
This is a test post from Photobucket.com
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Update and pictures [Wednesday
April 13th, 11:51am]
[ mood | awake ]

My dad had more testing for prostate cancer on Monday. It's so weird that he has these two cancer things going on at the same time. I hate it. He seems to be doing really well though. My parents have this attitude about life like God is planning everything and it'll work out how it's meant to. It's hard to think that way when someone you love is getting sick.

Yesterday I had a day of pampering myself. Mom, Michelle and I went to lunch and then to the day spa where I get my hair done. I had a pedicure which I've missed getting regularly and must start again. Then my hair! I let Sarah, my hairdresser, change it major. It was very very blonde and now it's like a medium brown with light/golden brown highlights. I love it. I was scared to death because I've had brown hair before and it made me look so pale. But this is really cute. Michelle got her hair dyed almost black! Crazy chick.

So for reading this you get to see the pictures I've been promising forever...

A few pictures of my apartment. I'll add more later.Collapse )

Betsy, Rachel and Julia! Have you guys heard The Unloved yet? Full version!!
mmmmmmmm yes love it

30 sec. clip of Never Gone.

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December 5th, 12:08pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Happy Birthday Tanya (mini-me)!! 


Yay on almost catching up to me! 

haha  not quite but you know what I mean. 


Luv ya!   Liz

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My Journal Is Friends Only! [Wednesday
September 1st, 3:26pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Comment to be added.

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Official #1 Entry [Wednesday
September 1st, 3:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I decided to start this journal because of the shit that went down in AC yesterday. A whole wave of people just up and left and it made me realize that I haven't talked to most of the community OOC at all. I've made a couple of friends there and one really great friend OOC but as a whole, I stay IC with 90% of the people I rp with. You may ask, who am I?
I play nikki_deloach_ over at after_celebrity and have only been a member since June of this year.
(No, this journal will not only be about rping, it's just what I'm thinking about at this moment.)

So here's a little bit about me for anyone who cares, I'll just get it out of the way in this 1st entry. My name is Liz/Elizabeth/Lizzie or whatever version of Elizabeth you want to call me, I'll pretty much answer. I'm 24 and live in Georgia. Yep, I'm a peach, just like Nikki. In fact a lot of why I chose her is because we have a lot in common. Yeah, I know, where's the challenge in that right? Well since she's my first rp character I wanted to start out a little easy and work my way into someone more challenging. Which I do plan on doing soon.
Things I have in common with Nikki:
from GA, same age, blonde (both at the moment), JC is our fave Nsyncer (lol), I even have DeLoaches in my family tree here in GA. I've known of and been a fan of Nikki since the MMC days and through Innosense. I am enjoying, guiltily, North Shore. :)
I've loved JC and Justin since the MMC days but I love Nsync for another reason. They are who I credit with bringing my sister and I so close together. It's a long story and I may tell it sometime, but they are the glue that held us together when we had nothing in common.

I've been a writer since I can remember. Creativity has always just flowed through my brain, making me crazy at times. I grew up watching ABC soaps from the time I was born (during General Hospital, LOL) because my mom would stick me in front of the set and we would watch together. So I have a loyalty to those and a bit of an obsession. I think my dream job would be to work as a soap opera writer. Ah, heaven.

So, yes, I work from home, purely on the internet. Which is why I am online ALL day. People must think I have no life. But if you see me on and I'm slow to respond or I have an away message up it's because I'm working.

Okay, that's it for this long-ass intro. I'm going to post another entry about what's actually going on right now next. If you care to stick around, I'll see you there.

[edit as of Sept. 2005: not playing at AC anymore, lol, but Nikki's still my baby. I have her on GJ now.]

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